Young Nigerian scientist Terhemen Atume invents new method of determining boiling point

News of Nigerians making great breakthroughs in the field of science has lately been going viral. Another Nigerian scientist, Emmanuel Terhemen Atume, discovered a formula that identifies a boiling point.

Silverbird TV reports that his method called Boiliing Point Determination Using Formular Method was in 2013 published in a US journal called International Institute of Science Technology and Education (IISTE).

It should be noted that he graduated from the University of Jos in 2012 where he studied industrial chemistry before he became a renowned researcher that has several published papers in international journals to his credit.

Emmanuel Terhemen Atume has contributed greatly to scientific knowledge in the field of Chemistry. Photo source: Silverbird Source: UGC Atume has also published his many scientific discoveries in books.

He has written on many industries, one which is the petroleum sector. Another of his book is titled Energy Configuration of Liquefied Natural Gas/Molecular Quantization: Isothermal Gibbs Atume Equation, published by a German company, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing.

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