Which 3 presidents slipped by the elites?

Imagine that America has had only three legitimately elected presidents during the lifetime of the oldest members of the boomer generation. What were their names?

Why would a political party use “superdelegates” to thwart the will of party members trying to select a presidential candidate to run against the other party in the general election? Shouldn’t the party candidate with the greatest popular support win the party’s nomination and support?

Imagine if during the height of the Cold War between America and the Soviet Union, the CIA actually controlled America’s biggest media companies, through CIA-schooled graduates who ran key parts of those companies’ news operations. Why do the intelligence services and big media companies still have a revolving door today? How can someone who works in the world of secrets be trusted to openly report the news?

Why do Democratic politicians and big media companies work together to disparage and marginalize traditional American values, and instead divide their audiences along racial/sexual/religious and many other lines? Do Democratic politicians offer solutions to these same problems? Do these “solutions” expand the federal government and public debt? Are the solutions effective? Or do the “solutions” end up requiring solutions?

Why do big media companies, each of them supposedly independent, end up with the same talking-points as their competitors, often within minutes of reporting an event? Do big media companies purposely misreport or partially report news so they can discuss the same prearranged talking points? Who would want to shape the narrative the same way across all media platforms?

TRENDING: Students arrive to school in a caravan of Old Glory in defiance of principal’s flag ban

Why do big social media companies and search engines want to control some trending items and eliminate others? Do some search engine suggestions bring more money into advertising sales for the search engine? Are the “customers” clicking the suggested keyword really customers? Who benefits?

Are mass tragedies ever used to control the news cycle? What if the CIA’s MK-Ultra multiple personality programming experiment was successful? How many generations of programmed individuals are still operational today? What does it take to trigger them to violence? What would it mean if the CIA were operating in domestic politics?

What if public education is really designed to program children to be unable to think critically? What if public education is used to undermine the family and religious values of parents who send their children to government schools? What if the people whose values are being ridiculed are being forced to pay for that education? What if all of us are? What if the criminal justice system is used to enforce this fake education? Does religious liberty really exist? How would public schools change if parents with children in school ran for and were elected to the school board, instead of politician wannabes looking for their first public soapbox? What will it take to make that happen?

Back to presidents. There were three presidents elected during my lifetime that were not supposed to be elected. This proved an embarrassment to our elites, who used all the tools available to them mentioned above, and many more. They were Carter (1976), Reagan (1980) and Trump (2016). All were national political outsiders, although Reagan had been governor of California.

The Iranian hostage crisis finished Carter, although it’s hard to say if Ford would have managed much better. Reagan nixed Carter’s second term by campaigning against Iran and Carter both. The hostages were released just before Reagan took office. Trump scattered his Republican opponents before archiving Hillary Clinton for the history books.

Thank you for playing. Sometimes questions are more important than answers. Feel free to score your own performance.

Armageddon Story. The version never told.

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