How marketers are using AI and machine learning to grow business

how marketers are using Ai and machine learning to grow business

When technologists first developed the concept of artificial intelligence decades ago, they wanted to create a technology that could mimic human intelligence. But what artificial intelligence (AI) has been able to do in the wake of big data and analytics has far outpaced any human ability. Indeed, big data would be completely useless if we relied on human brains to process it. One of the largest groups to benefit from AI’s superhuman powers are marketers using AI and machine learning to better grow their audiences. Whether they work B2B or B2C, marketers are using AI and machine learning to reach and engage customers in increasingly personal ways. The following are just a few.

Marketers are Using AI and Machine Learning for Social Listening

What’s that, you say? You feel like someone’s been listening to your private conversations? That’s because they are. Today’s marketers are using AI and machine learning to “listen” on your social channels, making note of conversations surrounding certain phrases, keywords and brands. Why? It helps them better understand you, and the types of products or services you’re most interested in learning about. I’ve said it before: digital transformation is all about personalization. Customers today want to be seen, known, and understood. Social listening allows marketers to give them that sense of being known without having to spend thousands of man-hours actually getting to know them. Like I said: AI is superhuman.

Marketers are Using AI and Machine Learning for Competitor Analysis

The very same tools marketers are using to get to know you can also be used to get to know their competitors. By tracking conversations around competitor customers’ experiences, they can better understand the pain points that may allow their own company to lure a new customer in. In digital transformation, data is all about gaining a competitive advantage, and AI and machine learning allow marketers to process those mounds and mounds of data to do just that.


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