Trump or Democrats: Which is best for blacks?

[Editor’s note: This timely column was originally published Dec. 30, 2019]

I’ve never heard President Trump speaking in Ebonics as he addressed a crowd or group of black voters – but I’ve heard and seen white liberal Trotskyite Democrats do it. President Trump has never brought a bottle of hot sauce to a campaign event of predominantly black voters and used it as a prop to because someone told him all black people eat fried chicken and use hot sauce. But Hillary Clinton thought that by trying to adopt what she considered ghetto slang and taking a bottle of hot sauce out of her pocket, blacks would bestow upon her honorary black status.

I’ve never heard presidential candidate Trump nor President Trump promise to keep baby killing legal as he promoted outright infanticide to black women of childbearing age. But I’ve watched every Democratic political candidate, pundit and spokesperson ad nauseum specifically target black women, promising not to only make child-killing easier to obtain but to force taxpayers to pay for them.

They make this guarantee to black women even though abortion is the No. 1 killer of blacks. They make this promise even though as Walter B. Hoye pointed out: “The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released new abortion data for the year 2016. While the number of all abortions in America fell and the American abortion rate itself fell by approximately two percent since 2015. And while the decline was as widespread as 33 percent of the 46 states that reported abortion data by sate of occurrence saw their abortion numbers fall. And finally, while the abortion rate in the United States of America has fallen by 25 percent since 2007 and by 50 percent since 1980, “the Issues4Life Foundation [reports], that Black American abortion numbers are, in fact, climbing again” (Issues4Life; Walter B. Hoye; 12/9/2019).

Margaret Sanger was a rabidly racist white progressive eugenicist who hated the very air blacks breathed. She introduced and promoted the systematic murder of black babies, which has resulted in the overall black population of America being reduced by more than 30%.

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President Trump has openly condemned the murder of all babies. Democrats openly celebrate the murder of babies, which has led to more black babies murdered in New York than there are born. Democrats have orchestrated the holocaustic murder rates for unborn black children in Philadelphia.

I’ve watched President Trump work tirelessly to prevent illegal aliens from coming into our country. Democrats on the other hand, advocate for open borders that encourage the entry of those who literally steal the jobs that unskilled workers, and specifically unskilled black workers, could obtain that would help them improve their lives.

Tangential to same, Obama is condemned as having done nothing to help blacks. None other than Tavis Smiley, the liberal black Democratic political commentator, railed against Obama for betraying blacks that supported him.

In 2014, Smiley told the Huffington Post: “Black people lost ground in every single leading economic category during the Obama years. We’ve been at the back of the bus … every other constituency has spoken their truth and made demands of [Obama].” Subsequently, Smiley was rebuked and put in his place, writing an adoring article for Time magazine genuflecting to Obama in January 2017. This after spending years condemning his failure. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus complained that Obama failed blacks as well.

White Democrats, who have done nothing for blacks but give them food stamps, welfare checks and destroy their future by murdering their babies, call President Trump a racist. They think that all blacks are stupid enough to ignore the fact that in three years President Trump has elevated blacks economically, more than any other president in history. As I have said many times, if President Trump is a racist, America needs more racists like him.

President Trump’s presidency has created meaningful jobs. Under this president, retirement benefits have increased at an unprecedented rate for all Americans, and that specifically includes blacks and women. Yet Democrats like Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and countless others of their ilk, including the loathsome Marxist Bernie Sanders, have spent their entire adult lives amassing personal fortunes from political office, while blacks and women have little to nothing to show for supporting them.

White liberal neo-Leninist Democrats and their lapdogs in the mainstream media laud blacks as being religious churchgoers. Meanwhile, Democrats like Peter Buttigieg curse the true word of God and advocate false preaching. President Trump speaks reverently of “our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” – yet another example of his personal faith and the respect he has for Christendom, which includes blacks.

With congressional elections and the presidential election looming, Americans – specifically black Americans and women – must ask themselves the question: What have they to lose in supporting President Trump for another four years? They must also truthfully consider the massive amount they will lose by not supporting him and Republicans for another four years.

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