The rise in abuse of substances to rig erections – By Lorenz Bajah


I went into a pharmacy to get some fever drugs and a certain young lady probably in her mid twenties was on the phone calling her boyfriend to know which type of performance enhancing drugs to buy.

She was calm and composed about it.

There are sexual performance enhancing drugs from China all over the country.

Mallams move hawking their locally made performance stuff everywhere.

Yoruba women display Agbo all over the place.

Ijaw home made dry gin makers are all over Nigeria to serve Dongoyaro, Ginger and Shekpe to people capable and willing to rig.

In North Central Nigeria you see powdered substances on display in Burukutu joints.

In beer parlour joints all over the country people drink beer, eat bitter kola and brag about it that they will go home and finish work to secure their home front.

Does it mean Nigerian men are getting weaker on daily bases?

Or is it because Nigerian women are now asking for more harder pushes?

Why the rise in the abuse of substances to rig erections? Does it have anything to do with the fact that Nigeria is now the global headquarters of poverty and depression and Nigerian men need a lift?

Or is it just a change in lifestyle and sexual orientation?

For people like me and the younger generation that is yet to start the other room activities, we demand answers.

Are they after effect of the abuse of substances to rig erections? Help from caregivers and people from the health sector is needed here. Keep a date, the next piece will be on this issue.

NB: I always say “Let us pray” but praying alone is not enough. I’m a writer and writing entails that we ask questions and seek answers and solutions to the sorry issues bedeviling our society.

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