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Sen. Dino Melaye teaches proper Enghlish on Twitter

Senator Dino Melaye is known for many things in Nigeria. The senator, who was the representative for Kogi West, is known for always creating lyrics for anything that involves his political career and also for times when he shows support for his colleagues.

The senator is also known for doing things that attract attention to him like driving a big bike around Lagos. All this could be some of the reasons why his fans love him so much and support everything he does.

However, one thing Nigerians don’t know Senator Melaye for is the fact that he could have taken a career teaching the English language.

To show his English speaking skills, the senator took to social media to teach Nigerians the correct way to speak the foreign language.

The senator noted that there over thirty popular English language grammatical blunders made by Nigerians. He listed thirty-three incorrect ways along with the correct way.

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