Seattle is inexcusably filthy

I am a former Seattleite who visits the city often to take my kids to attractions such as the aquarium and science center. Recently, as we traveled down the freeway toward Seattle, we were fully aware of all of the trash heaps spilling out from underneath the freeway overpasses. We parked in a garage next to the Alaskan Way Viaduct. The perimeter was littered with garbage, including needles.

New York City has garbage trucks that run all night long. What sort of obstacles are standing in the way that we can’t keep Seattle as clean as a much larger city?

I understand the heroin and homeless epidemics are really bad and will continue to get worse before they get better. What I don’t understand is why the city isn’t doing a better job about the cleanup.



I wonder what tourists think as they visit what is supposed to be a beautiful city.

Vanessa Armstrong, Bothell

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