Of A Snubbed Handshake And Speech Paper Tearing-By Lorenz Bajah

We have a mental defect and condition now in Nigeria about taking extreme sides by leaving our business to make businesses that don’t concern us our business.

That was how we took extreme sides and were fighting without thinking about our common interest and good, and extreme poverty marched into the country and erected her global headquarters here.

It didn’t stop there, in our mental condition we blamed the past excused the present of his cardinal essence and role till killer herdsmen grew to the fourth deadliest terrorist group on the surface of the earth.

Their siblings the bandits simply came in termites numbers and like ants from the forests and hills and encroached the whole nation.

What’s this hullabaloo about somebody tearing a sheet of paper? Is (was) it a causal or reactionary action?.

The offered and rejected hand of Pelosi represents the creation of the Constitution of the United States of America, from that moment onwards she had the sad right to react in any way concerning a certain sheet of paper, even if it came from the creation of the constitution too.

As a child, if I had a fight with another kid, my mother had a way knowing about it. Any time the fight go against me, she would give me some slaps to go with it, but a draw and a win use to earn me only scolding. The worst was when a kid touched me and I did not react back immediately.

My point is, Pelosi did what I will have my daughter do. I will pass my mother’s mentality to my daughter in full scale. No apology to any deity talk less of homo sapiens.

That man is always bullying people, at least he met his match in Pelosi. Without her Trump will suffocate and bully the whole Democratic Party.

So if we are appropriating blames, let us look at the cause before reaction.

Still a strong #TrumpFan. I’m a fan of any truth speaking and gallant human and Pelosi just made me one.

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