LOVE is spiritual, it’s the Principle of the 5th dimension.

LOVE is spiritual

LOVE is Spiritual

LOVE is spiritual, it’s the Principle of the 5th dimension. Its more than feelings, or emotions. It’s our way of LIFE, because that’s the LIFE that Jesus brought us.
It’s the HIGHER LIFE; the transcendent LIFE.

God created the world because of LOVE, he made MAN an object of His LOVE, he sent Jesus because of His LOVE. The Law was wrapped up for us in LOVE not because there was a problem with the Law, but because there was IMPERFECTION in us, the PRINCIPLE of LOVE was given to us for perfection.

The Father, Jesus Himself is an Epitome, a complete embodiment of Love and Now the Bible says as Jesus is in Heaven so are we in this world.

1st Peter 2:17~ HONOR all men, LOVE the BROTHERHOOD.
When we walk in LOVE, we show HONOR!
The way we show HONOR in the house of God is LOVE.

Love is compulsory and should be unconditional that’s the LOVE of CHRIST.

When you walk in LOVE,  you would speak right about your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!

We don’t try to LOVE, we just do. It is part of our DNA, we are a Love children of a LOVE GOD.

Love perfects US, there is a statement I always make, when you CRITICIZE someone there won’t be time enough to Love them.

Someone can quote all scriptures and preach the gospel without LOVE. Just like FAITH( every man has a measure) you have to consciously walk and GROW in LOVE.

Love drives you to do right. The GOSPEL itself is LOVE. Our confessions, our words to another especially in challenging times dispel the true us. Like my  great mentor quotes, “love shows our maturity.”

When someone is down, its not the time to criticize or point out their fault. It is a time to encourage them; even when you chastise someone, it should be in LOVE.

Sometimes, it’s good to see this picture, would Jesus say this now to this person?

Every relationship without Communication (good communication) dies! Be it with your family, spouse, boss, friend and even the Holy Spirit. That means effective good sweet, communication.

The Bible says soft words turns away anger, so it matters what you are saying and how you are saying it.

So its important how we give words to others, I Love a prayer paul prayed he said, Lord season my speech with salt, that I might know how to answer every man in seasons. That means there is a way to talk to people in seasons. The way you are talking to this person now may not be the way he or she needs to hear your words over another situation tomorrow.

Let your communication be gracious. Sanctify your tongue. When your tongue is sanctified, it means it has been dedicated to the Lord, and He has become the Lord of your tongue.

That means your tongue can only speak love and say those things that Jesus allows.

But how do we cope in dealing with people even in ministry, our family and friends, that brings the ministry of the Holy Spirit. He alone sheds the Love of Christ abroad in our hearts. When you Learn to fellowship continually with Him in Love as a person, he would teach you how to speak right to everyone that comes your way.

My pastor would say, everyone is not like you, so learn to see from the other’s perspective and approach him or her with Love as your motivation or drive.

As a child of God you must be so full of LOVE that you can’t hold a grudge and be wise and humble enough to say, ” I am sorry.” So when you say the wrong words be quick to reverse it and say, “am sorry.”

LOVE preserves, Love understands, Love is quick to forgive.
LOVE DOESN’T EXPOSE , LOVE CORRECTS AND PROTECTS ! Now apologizing doesn’t mean you are wrong, it means you value the other person more than your ego. It connotes Humility.

Again, when it comes to walking in LOVE, many fail, that’s why Jesus will tell many I know you not but they would say I preached, healed the sick, but God checks our motives, man sees the works.

You see David, LOVE perfected HIM not his mistakes. That’s why God called him a man after his heart. We must always speak right to even ourselves in season and out of season. What we fed ourselves with is what comes out.

When we understand the Love Jesus has for us, it prompts us to positive confessions always, knowing who we are. Knowing He loves us has made us more than conquerors and all things are ours! Therefore, we can never be disadvantaged! So our words should be edifying not only to others but ourselves.

Our Spirit-filled confessions will give us Joy unspeakable full of glory. Hallelujah!

The church is us; preparing for rapture is walking in Love and letting love be our drive concerning our affairs with ministry, brethren, family especially in the furtherance of the gospel. God sees motives. When Love becomes your drive, you walk in the highest level of the anointing because all you do is heal, repair, forgive, promote, build etc!

God has sent us to HEAL the BROKENHEARTED, free the OPPRESSED, we the Hope the world needs, the
LOVE they need. “Let the world see heaven in your eyes, show them Love they can’t deny” LOVE is LOVE, just LOVE consciously LOVE!

Finally when We walk in LOVE we honor GOD, for if you will not exalt the word of God and in the Life of others, you won’t be honored.

And we can only receive what we give.
If you don’t give LOVE, you won’t have a harvest of it.

LOVE is the Life of the New creation, Always show the LOVE of Christ in words and actions, It matters what you say, how you say it and when you say it. Put on LOVE at all times.

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