Japanese Snow Crab Sells for Whopping $46,000 USD

Roughly $16,800 USD per pound.

A snow crab has been auctioned off in Tottori, Japan for a massive 5 million yen (approximately $46,000 USD) on November 7. The nicknamed “five shining star” crustacean (meant to resemble the crab’s shape and also quality) was sold for the record-breaking amount, according to Tottori prefecture’s fishery promotion division, who organized the auction.

The crab was a male, weighing in at 2.7lbs and measuring approximately 5.74 inches wide. The snow crab is one of Japan’s most sought-after delicacies, and can only be found in the waters off Tottori prefecture on Japan’s main island of Honshu.

The sale blew the previous record-breaker out of the water, which sold for 2 million yen ($18,000 USD) last year in the same prefecture. Tetsuji Hamashita, president of Hanashita Shoten fishery wholesale purchased the coveted sea creature, and will supposedly end up on the plates of some very rich customers in upscale restaurant’s in Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood.

The crab was sold on the beginning day of the year’s snow crab hunting season, which locals refer to as the “festive quotation market” — it’s unusual to assume that the first (and best) catch of the season will harbor such high prices.

Just earlier this year, a coveted bluefin tuna was sold for $3.1 million USD.

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