Good matured guys are rare, Appreciate the one you have.

My dear, If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with a guy that loves you, a guy that is simple, a matured guy who does not prove swagz or dress like a music artist, who always makes sure he gives you advises and guide you on how to go with life , a guy who always scolds you when you are wrong,a guy who makes you smile whenever you face challenges..he is the real man my sister. Pls, appreciate him cox guys of nowadays only care about your body, they only wanna rock you,fuck you,fuck your friends and fuck different girls. They will get you big phones and drive you round in a Car, you will think it’s love…some can be love truly but Sisi listen, Just because he doesn’t have money now doesn’t mean everything won’t “SET” for him . You wanna dump him for another ready made nigga, for a guy with an iPhone and car without minding if he has a girlfriend he is so close to???? My dear, don’t do what you’ll regret later… Not all that glitters is gold. This boys you see with swags have empty head, no future plans and no sense of leadership. Watching them is entertaining but at the end you will realise how empty you are being with them
Good matured guys are rare.. Appreciate the one you have. .. Appreciate his effort.

. Obey him.
. Love his parents.
. Respect his siblings.
. Never argue with him.
. Always make him feel he’s the superior
. Don’t waste his property.
. Support him when he’s broke
Don’t compare him to anyone else and God will bless the both of you.


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