Father demands refund of daughter’s school fees after she tattooed school motto on her chest

A BBC antiques expert, David Harper, has demanded his daughter’s school fees repaid after the daughter tattooed her school’s motto on her chest.

Harper, aged 52, sent his daughter, Hetti, to attend Bernard Castle School in Country Durham, putting the demanded fees refund at £200,000, Daily Mail reports.

Hetti, now 23, got the tattoo when she finished from the school and started a punk band, following after band musicians’ traditions.

It should be noted that the 23-year-old daughter’s school fees was £15,000 per year. His father is basing the refund on the fact that it amounts to free advertising.

The tattoo read in “Parvis imbutus tentabis grandia tutus” which loosely translate to “when you are steeped in little things, you shall safely attempt great things.” The father of the lady said he does not like the tattoo as people always have to stop his daughter on the road with the curiosity to know what it means.

“I’ve asked if Barnard Castle School would be happy to refund some of the school fee’s I paid, because my daughter has tattooed the old school motto across her chest.

It was just a bit of a shock to me and her mother! “After I freaked out at the sight of the tattoo, I was furious that after all the money I’d spent on her education, I really didn’t expect her to end up being a free walking advert for the school,” he said.

He said his daughter got the tattoo because she wanted to express gratitude for how the school played a big role in her music career never minding how the fees got paid.

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