By Igbashangev Paul

It has been long I drop something here as a breakfast for lovers of knowledge. I have been taken by eventualities. Thank God I am back hail and hearty.

Who needs a prophet to know that an idle man is a devil’s workshop? Do you need a brain of a professor to know that days are long to idleness and short to industries?

Oya let us ride one. It is very ugly to hear a graduate or an able youth saying I am doing nothing. I was on a call with one of my seniors who based in Kano. I threw a question to her, “Senior what are you doing at the moment to keep body and soul together?” I was shocked to receive an answer from her “I am doing nothing!”

Did she mean nothing or she was just joking? Well I write not because I know how to write but to inspire a soul and instigate change.

Many of us especially the youth nowadays we are doing just nothing. We sit, fold our hands and expect manna to fall from above. Faa faaaa foul.

People you see doing better today they struggled and suffered yesterday. Now they are enjoying. It is better to pass through water and fire now for a better future. Build your future now!

Please youth, don’t wait for a government job. Don’t even look unto your uncle before you start doing something. If you can’t embrace agriculture, invest in business. Try to volunteer  to do something without getting paid. Don’t work for money, let it work for you. Funny right?

Don’t tell me you are a student, plan the future now. Use your social media platforms of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, mention them well and one will locate you one day for a something. Some get handsome employment via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t ask me to start mentioning names.

Graduates are even too big to do menial jobs. Everyone is aiming for white collar jobs. Please friend after school, don’t just sit and wait for your  service year (NYSC). Engage yourself. Think of going back to your primary or secondary school you finished from or better still one near you and offer a selfless service and see. Give the society what you have. Tell them that you passed through the university and the university also passed through you. Who can tell if your student or former teachers may recommend you for something bigger tomorrow?

Paper works of certificates are not selling in our contemporary society. Add a skill. Be a tailor, shoe maker mention it. Use your ‘sabificate’. Say no to the saying “I am doing nothing.”

Don’t hesitate riding a commercial motorcycle or a taxi. You are afraid of what your mates may say right? Forget about them. They won’t care if you are dying of hunger because of lack of food.

I can recall how one of my friennds used to journey down to Delta State and Taraba State to do hard work after each vacation he used to have during his  undergraduate days. Visiting Oyigbo Market in Lagos always to trade orange business was one of his activities of saying no to doing nothing.

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Help your mum or yourself in selling okpa.

My brother and sister if you can’t afford any of the aforementioned, just help your family businesses. Help your mum in selling okpa and be kind who knows one day that will lift you high. Be the manager of that super market or the mini mall and stop moving up and down like a mad man chasing nothing!

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Be the manager of that super market or mini mall your mother or father has.

Some of us are going through hell on the streets full of heart break to get more experience and tokens to help our friends, family members and ourselves.

Unarguably, the most dangerous risk is not taking risk at all and decision not to take action. If you are asleep, wake up. If you are awake, stand up. And if standing already start walking. If you are currently walking better start running.. Fly instead.

Be inspired!

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Paul Igbashangev

Paul is a versatile journalist to the core with a critical and curious mind. He is a confirmed Media Literacy Ambassador by NFVCB. He can be reached via mpaul2807@gmail.com

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