Cooperating with Israel now defined as 'treason'

Multiple interests in the Middle East that align with opponents of Israel long have denounced any sort of cooperation with region’s premier democracy, whether that’s in academia, sports, culture or economic.

Now they are saying that actually is “treason” and the death penalty is appropriate.

The stunning advocacy for violence comes from the Palestinian Authority and Fatah, both organizations that object to and actively oppose any presence of Israel in the Middle East.

It happened when PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas announced recently that his group was abandoning any and all agreements with Israel because of the nation’s plans to apply Israeli law in the Jordan Valley.

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In that announcement, the two organizations say “cooperating with Israel in any way is ‘treason.'”

And Fatah spokeswoman Abbas Zaki immediately confirmed that those cooperating “should be shot.”

The statements were revealed by Palestinian Media Watch, which monitors, reports on, interprets and analyzes media in the region.

It was on Palestinian TV several times over recent days that the message was delivered that “Cooperation with the occupation and its institutions is treason.”

Zaki’s statement was that “If we know that someone is cooperating [with Israel], we should shoot him.”

He explained, “In 1980 at the Amman conference and in 1990 at the Baghdad conference, it was said that if any state recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the ties with it should be cut – not to normalize with it… We’ve made a decision that Israel is not a state or a neighbor. It is an enemy, and we are treating it as such. Every day I ask all our institutions if we know that someone is cooperating [with Israel], we should shoot him. We should fire at him because [cooperation] is forbidden now.”

PMW explained, “Calling anyone who deals with Israel a ‘traitor’ is not new. Palestinian Media Watch has documented that whoever sells land to Jews is considered a traitor, whoever shops in an Israeli supermarket is guilty of ‘economic normalization’ and ‘treason.’ Senior PA official Jibril Rajoub who is the Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee, has stated that ‘any activity of normalization in sports with the Zionist enemy is a crime against humanity,’ and that ‘Normalization with Israel is treason.'”

Then, too, the report said, “earlier this year, top PA official and PA Supreme Shari’ah Judge and Chairman of the Supreme Council for Shari’ah Justice, Mahmoud Al-Habbash, announced that anyone who accepts U.S. President Trump’s Middle East peace plan ‘will pay the price of treason.'”


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