Who does the cap fit?

Standing on the shoulders of one Sen. Emmanuel Ushahemba Bur alias Harrison Wells, I have carefully observed the struggle for power. Just like it is clearly demonstrated in the poem, “The leader and the led” by Nyiyi Osundare.

Echoes of voices have since declared different individuals as deserving to ascend the number one seat of Benue State. However, there are plethora of questions that require urgent answers.

Who among them is a leader with capacity?

If you ask me, in my opinion, I think we need to honour time for posterity to give a sincere testimony.

In truth, a man who seeks power takes the emblem of a saint, as gentle as a dove. Therefore, it is premature to celebrate anyone just yet.

Just like the great political thinker, Baron De Monstesquieu states, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This vividly captures the essence of man.

A lamb who is given power becomes a lion. In the wake and presence of functional realities, who should be elected?

Should it be the man of honour or the one with rumour or fake lips?

Is it the academic giant whose experience is vast? The one whose knowledge cut across different spheres of life. The political juggernaut who has the capacity to breathe light into the system.

Or is it the one who fixes things. The one preached to be concerned. The one who provides for the needy and is full of life. The fulcrum that drives every machine.

There is no gainsaying the former is better compared to the latter. But what should enjoy the privilege of our concern is the candidate that is ready to catapult our dear Benue State to the next phase that would usher in unprecedented growth adorned in the robes of peace, unity and what have you.

Our collective resolve today should translate into a better future for Benue State.

Meanwhile, where should we stand?

Benue People, with documented evidence, Rt. Hon. Herman Hembe is the right candidate for the job. His development approach is best. Among all the candidates who line up for the number one seat, he is the man who fits in the profile.

Benue needs someone who has mind and nose for development not those who are in for business or to cook stories full of euphemisms to confuse the masses.

Please if you mean well for Benue, queue behind the Rt. Hon. Hembe Iorwase Herman.

A man of capacity

A man of honour.

A man with vast experience

A man who fixes things. Jechira has been fixed under his watch!




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Paul Igbashangev

Paul is a versatile journalist to the core with a critical and curious mind. He is a confirmed Media Literacy Ambassador by NFVCB. He can be reached via mpaul2807@gmail.com

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