Asiwaju Tinubu Overplayed His Hand

By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

No one becomes powerful on his own. People invest their own power in leaders to make them POWERFUL. It can be withdrawn in a nanosecond. Unfortunately, this salient fact is lost on people when they become powerful.

I read Tinubu’s nebulous statement with a bitter sense of amusement. It was carefully crafted to play to the gallery but we are not deceived. That long winding tome is one of the bounces of a dead cat. Asiwaju has never supported any Yoruba cause. Yet, he uses the Yoruba to drive his bargain, nationally.

In that foamy prose, he inserted himself. No! We don’t want him. He will ruin it by running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. Sorry Sir. We know who our leaders are. Leaders are chosen. Leaders do not impose themselves. Leaders do not go against their people. You waited until you knew Amotekun is unstoppable before you shared your ambiguous statement. Leaders do not play politics with the lives of their people.

Sir, dig into history, we the Yoruba do not forget. You strategized yourself out of reckoning on Amotekun. You attempted to sabotage the governors and failed! You said nothing when we were being slaughtered. Your statement is belated. It is a day late and a Naira short. Your calculation came when we already have the answers. It is enough! We will ask you wherever you show up; where are the cows?

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