2023 Presidency: Competency not zoning, NCPF replies Southern Governors

Lorenz Bajah, Abuja


The North Central People’s Forum (NCPF) has disagreed with the Southern Governors over their stand that the South must produce the next President of Nigeria come 2023.


While addressing the press on Monday in Abuja, the Secretary General of NCPF, Khaleel Bolaji who spoke on behalf of the group, stated that agitations will always come but the forum does not in any way “Believe in what the Southern Governors said that the Presidency must go to the South in 2023” In the same vein he said “Even if Northern Governors comes out to tomorrow to call for the Presidency to go the north, we will say the same thing, it is high time Nigeria moves forward”.


The Secretary maintained that “Part of the problem of the country has been choosing of leaders based on sentiments rather than competency, we have to put the facts straight, if we don’t, then we don’t love this country. That’s why we are saying we need competent leaders”


“That’s our position because that stand will polarize the country. So competency is what we stand for and it can come from anybody from the 774 local governments in Nigeria.” Bolaji stated


Khaleel Bolaji who is also the Board Chairman, National Orientation Agency, said he was speaking on behalf of NCPF with the backing of governors of the zone. He pointed out that the North Central has been particularly shortchanged in the scheme of things in the country, he cited the example of Bauchi State having more heads of Federal parastatals than the entire North Central zone.


The NCPF scribe continued: “If you want to base it on the basis regions, South East, North East and North Central should considered for the Presidency in 2023.


“Without the North Central, there is no Nigeria. We have not been given our right of place in the country.


“In fact, since the return of democracy, North Central has had more votes during general elections than the South West. Our region is the food basket of the nation.


“Nigeria as a country needs a leader that would do the right thing, someone who is detribalized and a nationalist”.


When reminded that some Middle Belt leaders have already thrown their weight behind Southern Governors, he replied that NCPF is not fighting the Middle Leaders but the essence of Middle Belt is lost and its usefulness outlived. He called for scraping of state origin on forms and advised that should credible candidates from North Central run for the office of President in 2023, they will have the support of NCPF.

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